greenDAO 1.0 Open Source Release

Today, we are happy to announce version 1.0 of greenDAO, which is also the first open source release. With this release, we think greenDAO is ready for a wide developer audience. The preview versions of greenDAO proved to be stable and some apps in the Android Market already use greenDAO. Android developers, stop messing around with SQL, start with greenDAO! 😉

Of course, greenDAO 1.0 also brings new features:

  • To-many relations: Clearly, to-many relations were required for a 1.0 release. The are lazily loaded on the entities (just call a getter) and can be modeled with custom join properties.
  • Active entities: Entities can be “active”. Once loaded, you can update, refresh, and deleted active directly.
  • Significant performance improvements: Previous versions of greenDAO were already faster than its competitors by far. Nevertheless, we found ways to tweak performance even more, especially for loading entities.
  • Keep sections:Custom code can be embedded safely in entities which won’t be overwritten by code generator.
  • More documentation (still far from perfect, let us know what is missing for you)
  • Other minor improvements

If you have an non-trivial Android project relying on persistent data, you should give greenDAO a try! It will save you time. Focus on the interesting tasks and let greenDAO do the tedious persistence logic for you without compromising performance.

Get started with greenDAO.
Check out the source at github.

PS.: The APK of greenDAO’s example project is a mere 47K. It contains the complete greenDAO core library. Slim, isn’t it? 🙂

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