Essentials: Utilities library for Android and Java

greenrobot Essentials provides general purpose utilities for Android and Java projects. Having its root in the early days of Android development, the library is minimalistic, tiny in size (jar < 100k), and focuses on efficiency and performance.

Essentials Features

We developed Essentials mainly to help:

  • minimize the code you need to write
  • boost performance when using certain functions

An important part of Essentials are hash functions. Our Murmur3A & Murmur3F implementations are the fastest Java implementations known to us. Murmur3 hash functions are one of today’s best hash functions available with excellent properties. Don’t know what Murmur3 is? Go here. At 3,6 GByte/s, we measured our Murmur3F implementation to outperform Guava’s by factor 10. Find more information on the hash functions page or jump directly to our Java hash function benchmark PDF.

Please see the full feature list here.

How to integrate in your project

Just grab it from Maven Central (or jCenter). For Gradle, add the following dependency:

compile 'de.greenrobot:java-common:2.3.1'
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