Non-technical FAQ

Frequently asked, general questions about greenDAO.

If you have a question about developing with greenDAO, check the technical FAQ.


Under which license is greenDAO available?
Short answer: DaoCore is available under the Apache license version 2.

Longer answer: greenDAO consists of the sub projects DaoCore, DaoGenerator, and DaoTest. DaoCore will be included with your apps and is available under the Apache license version 2. DaoGenerator is the Java program responsible for generating your entity, DAO and other files. DaoTest is the unit test suite to ensure greenDAO itself is and stays stable. DaoGenerator and DaoTest are available under the GPL V3. Usually you won’t need to change or even ship those. These license terms should be fine for the vast majority of uses cases for greenDAO. Contact us, if you would like to discuss alternatives.

Can I use greenDAO for commercial projects for free?
Yes! greenDAO’s core library, which you need to include in your project, is available under the permissive Apache 2 license. And of course, you can include all classes generated by DaoGenerator.

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