Essentials Features

Essentials are a collection of general-purpose classes we found useful in many occasions.

Main reasons to use Essentials:

  • Write less code in your projects
  • Specialized implementations for better performance compared to standard APIs
  • Super light weight: < 100k in size
  • Compatible with Android and Java


  • IO utilities help with streams (byte and character based) and digests (e.g. MD5 and SHA-1).
  • File utilities simplify reading and writing strings/bytes/objects from or to files. Also includes getting hashes from files and copying files.
  • String utilities allow efficient splitting and joining of strings, hex and MD5 creation, and other useful string helpers.
  • Better hash functions: our Murmur3 implementation provides superior hash quality and outperforms standard Java hash functions
  • Specialized Streams: for example an optimized PipedOutputStream replacement (based on a circular byte buffer)
  • Hash set and map for primitive long keys outperform the generic versions of the Java Collection APIs
  • Multimaps provide a map of lists or sets to simplify storing multiple values for a single key
  • Object cache with powerful configuration options: soft/weak/strong references, maximum size, and time-based expiration
  • Base64 implementation (bundled from for lower versions of Java & Android (includes input/output streams)

For more details, please have a look at the documentation.

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