EventBus Features

What makes greenrobot’s EventBus unique, are its features:

  • Simple yet powerful: EventBus is a tiny library with an API that is super easy to learn. Nevertheless, your software architecture may great benefit by decoupling components: Subscribers do not have know about senders, when using events.
  • Battle tested: EventBus is one of the most used Android libraries: thousands of apps use EventBus including very popular ones. Over a billion app installs speak for themselves.
  • High Performance: Especially on Android, performance matters. EventBus was profiled and optimized a lot; probably making it the fastest solution of its kind.
  • Convenient Annotation based API (without sacrificing performance): Simply put the @Subscribe annotation to your subscriber methods. Because of a build time indexing of annotations, EventBus does not need to do annotation reflection during your app’s run time, which is very slow on Android.
  • Android main thread delivery: When interacting with the UI, EventBus can deliver events in the main thread regardless how an event was posted.
  • Background thread delivery: If your subscriber does long running tasks, EventBus can also use background threads to avoid UI blocking.
  • Event & Subscriber inheritance: In EventBus, the object oriented paradigm apply to event and subscriber classes. Let’s say event class A is the superclass of B. Posted events of type B will also be posted to subscribers interested in A. Similarly the inheritance of subscriber classes are considered.
  • Zero configuration: You can get started immediately using a default EventBus instance available from anywhere in your code.
  • Configurable: To tweak EventBus to your requirements, you can adjust its behavior using the builder pattern.
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