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Our open source libraries run on over a billion devices and are used by large companies with especially high performance requirements.
Learn about our widely used, battle-tested, and performance-optimized open source libararies for mobile app development:

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Slim & fast - that is what we stand for and that is why thousands of mobile developers wordlwide use our solutions, leading to more than a billion mobile users relying on our code

apps fast on the road


Above all, we value performance. Speed matters. Thus, we constantly benchmark our solutions against alternatives and optimize for performance.
lean and light development

Lean & light

We keep all our solutions small and frugal. We also ensure all our open source libraries are optimized for maximum battery-friendliness. Perfect for mobile.
Easy to use libraries


We are developers ourselves and value the fun aspects of coding. Accordingly, our libraries are easy to use and save developers from tedious and unituitive tasks.
Open development


We are passionate to deliver high performant, slim, and elegant solutions. Our libraries have more than 15.000 GitHub stars and are industry-proven.

Mobile News from greenrobot

Library updates, new releases, related developments in open source, mobile databases, and Android

greenrobot-common 2.3 with improved ObjectCache

Version 2.3 of greenrobot-common was just released and brings a new cache implementation: as the class ObjectCache suggests, caches a number of objects in memory. The API is used in a key-value like fashion, very much like a Map. It comes with a couple of cache-specific features though:
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Multimaps in greenrobot-common 2.2

We just released greenrobot-common 2.2, a small utility library that we use in almost every project. This version adds multimaps, which are absent from standard Java and Android.  Unlike a regular map, multimaps allow multiple values for a single key.
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