greenDAO 2.1 and EventBus 2.4.1

Today we’re happy to announce two updates.¬†EventBus 2.4.1 fixes a bug with sticky events and a crash on some devices.

greenDAO 2.1.0 comes with a couple for smaller features and improvements:

  • Official Robolectric support: workaround for a broken system call in Robolectric triggered by Query.forCurrentThread
  • QueryBuilder now allows to create DISTINCT queries to avoid duplicate entities returned
  • CursorQuery (beta, API might change)
  • Deadlock prevention when loading a list of entities while doing concurrent updates
  • Fixed async queries
  • Better Android Studio support
  • Generator: Possibility to supply custom JavaDoc for entities and their properties
  • Generator: Fixed codeBeforeGetter, added codeBeforeGetterAndSetter (see PropertyBuilder)

Thanks to everybody who contributed!

PS.: We also updated the online JavaDocs for both libraries.

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