On the progress of EventBus 3

You may have heard about the upcoming version 3 of EventBus:

  • EventBus 3 will switch to annotations and drop the onEvent naming convention
  • Android’s reflection performance regarding annotation is still inferior compared to a JVM (including Android 6.0)
  • EventBus 3 will bring a compile time processing to a avoid performance penalties

Today, we pushed quite a few commits from the last weeks to GitHub and thus it’s a good time to give an update on the progress:

  • Development made good progress in the last 3 months; the annotation branch now has around 100 additional commits
  • Much time was spent optimizing how the compile time processor passes information from the annotations to EventBus. The currently favored approach is to generate a single “index” class, which carries all the information and has to be passed to EventBusBuilder. This allows indexing jar and aars separately along with the main project.
  • EventBus 3 will have a changed Java package name (org.greenrobot.eventbus). This better reflects being http://greenrobot.org the official EventBus site, and also avoids conflicts if EventBus 3 is used along with EventBus 2 (e.g. an library that was not updated).
  • Unit tests moved to JUnit 4

Currently, EventBus 3 development is being finalized. So, stay tuned for the release.

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