Mobile databases: SQLite and SQLite alternatives for Android and iOS

UPDATED 2023 A long time ago at Droidcon Berlin, we noticed a lot of questions around databases. Many people weren’t aware of SQLite alternatives and the differentiation between databases and Object-Relational Mappers (ORMs). Therefore, we followed up with an overview of the local database landscape (Edge Databases), which we maintain ever since. We just updated the comparison table in June 2023.

Why use a local database on mobile?

There are some advantages associated with using a local database (Edge Database):

  • Always works: full offline modus for apps that depend on stored data
  • Manageable costs: Frugal on bandwidth for apps that depend on stored data
  • Speed: fast and predictable performance independent from network availability
  • Data Privacy: personal data can be stored with the user, where some say they belong)

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