Vector Database Description GitHub stars Embeds / Uses Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) In-memory Support Sharding Index Types Consistency Model License Funding HQ in Company
Milvus Ccloud-native Commercial Open Source vector database 18k Not clear: SQLite, RocksDB or MySQL ANNOY; HNSW; IVF_PQ; IVF_SQ(; IVF_FLAT; FLAT; IVF_SQ8_H; RNSG 4 consistency levels: strong, bounded staleness, session, and eventually Apache-2.0 113M USD, series B 🇺🇸 Zilliz
Qdrant Commercial Open Source vector similarity search engine and vector database 6.6k RocksDB HNSW Eventual Consistency, tunable consistency Apache-2.0 9.8M 🇪🇺 Qdrant Solutions GmbH
Weaviate Commercial Open Source cloud-native vector database that stores both objects and vectors. 5.6k ✅ (It can support multiple ANN algorithms as long as they support full CRUD) a custom HNSW algorithm that supports CRUD Eventual Consistency BSD 67.7M USD, series B 🇪🇺 SeMI Technologies
Vespa Commercial Open Source vector database by Yahoo! It is a search engine which supports vector search, lexical search, and search in structured data 4.4k maintains disk and memory structures for documents HNSW; BM25 Eventual Consistency Apache-2.0 Yahoo! 🇺🇸 Yahoo!
Chroma Commercial Open Source vector database 4.4k HNSW lib, DuckDB; based on ClickHouse HNSW Apache-2.0 20.3M USD, seed 🇺🇸 Chroma Inc.
Marqo AI A tensor-based cloud-native commercial Open Source search and analytics engine 2.8k Tensor-based HNSW Apache-2.0 undisclosed preseed in May 2022 🇦🇺 S2Search Australia Pty Ltd
Vald Cloud-native Open Source distributed approximate nearest neighbor (ANN) dense vector search engine 1.2k uses the vector search engine NGT ✅ (NGT) Distributed Index, asynchronous indexing N/A Apache-2.0 Yahoo Japan Corporation 🇯🇵 Yusuke Kato and Kiichiro Yukawa (Yahoo Japan Corporation)
Fully managed vector database that specializes in enabling semantic search capabilities NA built on top of Faiss ✅ (proprietary), plus KNN (with Faiss) proprietary Eventual Consistency Proprietary 138M, series B 🇺🇸 Pinecone Systems Inc