Introducing DaoCompat: greenDAO on ObjectBox

Earlier this month, we released ObjectBox 1.0, a new superfast object-oriented database. Now, with DaoCompat, you can easily use the power of ObjectBox in your Android apps while keeping the greenDAO APIs.

Boost your App performance

DaoCompat lets your greenDAO-based apps run on ObjectBox giving your your apps an instant performance boost.

Going forward you can also use ObjectBox’ modernized APIs. It works with Kotlin and reactive queries (with or without RxJava 2). Also, object relationships are much more powerful with change tracking and intelligent updates.

For greenDAO users it is an easy switch: With DaoCompat you can continue to use familiar classes from greenDAO like DaoSession and individual DAOs. Just use the package org.greenrobot.daocompat instead of org.greenrobot.greendao. Initialization to get the DaoSession is also trivial:

Technically, DaoCompat is a thin layer on top of ObjectBox. It’s open source under the Apache 2 license.

Check the DaoCompat docs for details and let us know what you think.

The Future of greenDAO

Since greenDAO was released in 2011, it has been the performance leader in Android ORM and performance was always the primary driver behind greenDAO. Performance-wise, we hit a wall with SQLite because SQLite became the only remaining bottleneck. This is the very reason why we developed ObjectBox because we believe that the future of apps will not include SQLite. Still, we will continue to maintain greenDAO. At the same time we will put much more effort into ObjectBox and exciting new features around it. In that way, look at DaoCompat as a convenient tool to upgrade your database.

ObjectBox is a Techstars’17 company

We just joined Techstars London with our Mobile Database ObjectBox. We’re really happy to be part of Techstars and to have the opportunity to learn so much. If you’re interested in learning more about that, we will post regular updates on our Techstars’ journey on our ObjectBox Blog. We already posted on our first days at Techstars and how we got into Techstars. Thanks to everyone who helped us on our journey so far, but especially our developer community on github. We could never have done any of our projects without you and we appreciate your feedback and support a lot! Please feel free to ping us with any questions you may have.

ObjectBox 0.9.10 – getting closer to 1.0

Do you know our new super fast mobile database ObjectBox yet? With versions 0.9.9 and the just released 0.9.10, ObjectBox made great progress to stabilize features for the 1.0 release. With an increasing number of apps using ObjectBox, we were able to spot and fix some less obvious issues. We believe that ObjectBox 0.9.10 is the most stable release ever. If you did not dare to check out the beta version yet: now is a good time to have a closer look.

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