ObjectBox Changelog

V0.9.5 (2016-12-21) Windows and Linux

  • First deployment of Windows and Linux binaries: we had versions of ObjectBox for Linux and Windows internally for a long time. With this release you can also use it to run unit tests on your desktop with full ObjectBox functionality. No instrumentation tests. No robolectric. Just blazingly fast native JUnit tests.

V0.9.4 (2016-12-19) Improved Readers

  • Improved internal readers (something like read transactions implicitly created on the fly) to free resources much more quickly.
  • New method runInReadTx: Gives you a consistent view of a committed state. Also, when you a lot of data get calls in a short time, it will be more efficient using runInReadTx.

V0.9.3 (2016-12-09) Query Enhancements

  • Query: aggregates such as sum, average, min and max
  • Query: setting parameters to make Query objects re-usable (cacheable)
  • Query: sorting
  • Query: added method findKeys to retrieve the IDs (keys) only
  • Query: “remove” to delete all matching entities
  • Genereated Properties classes are now named like the Entity with an additional underscore at the end. For example entity User has a generated companion class User_. This aligned ObjectBox with JPA 2 (and is much shorter). Also properties now begin with a lower case char.

V0.9.2 (2016-11-28) First Early Access Version

  • Note: If you have an ObjectBox database file from an previous version, please delete it before using the new version.
  • Object model allows the use of refIDs to provide automatic model sync even when you rename enitity classes and/or properties. Docs will follow.
  • Order options for QueryBuilder
  • Fixes

V0.9.1 (2016-11-02) Hidden release: Custom Types with Converters

  • With custom types, you can use properties of any type in your entity. For conversion to database types, you need to use @Convert and implement the PropertyConverter interface. For now, look at the greenDAO doc for Custom Types.
  • Fix for big query results (Android)

V0.9.0 (2016-10-19) First release for hand picked testers