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Countdown to release expired: ObjectBox silently launched on Oct, 19th for first testers.

Executive Update

☑ Silent release

☑ Early access for hand picked developers

☑ Example App and error-free testing

☑ Feature complete


Daily Updates

2016-10-22: Presenting ObjectBox at mobile conference in Lodz. Early adopters acquired.

2016-10-21: Preparing presentation for mobile conference in Lodz.

2016-10-20: Sparred with two of the first testers who both want to use ObjectBox in their productive projects.

2016-10-19: Silent public release at bintray for a couple of developer friends along with some docs.

2016-10-18: Final updates affecting the DB file format. Fixes in greenDAO compatibility layer.

2016-10-17: Compatibility layer to migrate queries from our existing greenDAO ORM to ObjectBox

2016-10-14: No more known bugs; added "in", "between", "null", and "not null" query conditions

2016-10-13: Reworked queries using Builder pattern (Java), added limit and offset for queries

2016-10-12: Reworked queries using Builder pattern (C++)

2016-10-11: Developer documentation

2016-10-10: Prepared ObjectBox example projects, Started with documentation for developers

2016-10-07: More fixes and optimizations, especially for ARMV7A, updated performance figures

2016-10-06: Testing on various ARM devices, fixes and optimizations on unaligned memory access

2016-10-05: Added indexing for scalars (integers)

2016-10-04: submitted application to YC

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Markus speaking on data persistance at Droidcon Berlin