Introducing DaoCompat: greenDAO on ObjectBox

Earlier this month, we released ObjectBox 1.0, a new superfast object-oriented database. Now, with DaoCompat, you can easily use the power of ObjectBox in your Android apps while keeping the greenDAO APIs.

Boost your App performance

DaoCompat lets your greenDAO-based apps run on ObjectBox giving your your apps an instant performance boost.

Going forward you can also use ObjectBox’ modernized APIs. It works with Kotlin and reactive queries (with or without RxJava 2). Also, object relationships are much more powerful with change tracking and intelligent updates.

For greenDAO users it is an easy switch: With DaoCompat you can continue to use familiar classes from greenDAO like DaoSession and individual DAOs. Just use the package org.greenrobot.daocompat instead of org.greenrobot.greendao. Initialization to get the DaoSession is also trivial:

Technically, DaoCompat is a thin layer on top of ObjectBox. It’s open source under the Apache 2 license.

Check the DaoCompat docs for details and let us know what you think.

The Future of greenDAO

Since greenDAO was released in 2011, it has been the performance leader in Android ORM and performance was always the primary driver behind greenDAO. Performance-wise, we hit a wall with SQLite because SQLite became the only remaining bottleneck. This is the very reason why we developed ObjectBox because we believe that the future of apps will not include SQLite. Still, we will continue to maintain greenDAO. At the same time we will put much more effort into ObjectBox and exciting new features around it. In that way, look at DaoCompat as a convenient tool to upgrade your database.

ObjectBox 0.9.10 – getting closer to 1.0

Do you know our new super fast mobile database ObjectBox yet? With versions 0.9.9 and the just released 0.9.10, ObjectBox made great progress to stabilize features for the 1.0 release. With an increasing number of apps using ObjectBox, we were able to spot and fix some less obvious issues. We believe that ObjectBox 0.9.10 is the most stable release ever. If you did not dare to check out the beta version yet: now is a good time to have a closer look.

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greenDAO 3.2.2 Bugfix Release

This week we released greenDAO 3.2.2 with a couple of bug fixes. We want to highlight better interoperability with the Android Gradle plugin. With each new release of Android Gradle plugin, there have been conflicts with greenDAO plugin as both use “JDT”, a library to parse and manipulate Java Sources. To solve those conflicts once and for all, we now ship the greenDAO plugin with a repackaged version of JDT. Thus we are independent of other tools and can use the latest JDT versions. For best developer experience, we recommend everybody to update to greenDAO 3.2.2.

greenDAO 3.1.1 Bugfix Release

Today, we released a new version of greenDAO addressing some issues with @Entity annotations. If haven’t tried them yet, please give them a try. We think this is the most convenient way to work with greenDAO, or SQLite in general. For details on the 3.1.1 improvements, please check the changelog.

greenDAO 3 released

We are happy to announce greenDAO Version 3 today. Since its initial release 5 years ago, greenDAO has always been the fastest ORM for Android. It was also the first ORM to apply code generation for maximum performance. With greenDAO 3, we made code generation much more convenient: by adopting entity annotations you can drop the generator project. In its place comes the all new Gradle plugin, which automatically triggers code generation at build time. Like that, you can simply use greenDAO 3 annotations on your entities:
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greenDAO 3 Beta released

We just released greenDAO 3 beta: it makes the generator project optional and moves to Java annotations. Before the final release however, we want to get your feedback. In particular, we experimented with alternative annotation processing that gives greenDAO more power while it avoids byte code manipulation.Our goal with greenDAO3 is to put the developer in control over entity classes while augmenting the entity code with a little bit of generated code.

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greenDAO 2.2 with Database Encryption

Encryption is the central feature of today’s greenDAO 2.2 release. Actually, greenDAO seems to be the first Android ORM to officially support SQLCipher (non-beta). Since it’s first (source-only) release in August 2015, greenDAO’s encryption support has been successfully tested in a complex setup for months. So, if you want to store sensitive data in your database, give it a try!
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EventBus 3 released, now based on @Annotations

Today, we are pleased to release EventBus 3. Previous versions of EventBus rejected to use annotations for performance reasons. Now, version 3 embraces annotations to improve performance. How does that make sense? Unfortunately, Android’s performance did not get any better. Reflection on annotations is still very bad compared to Desktop Java, even on Android 6 and ART. EventBus 3 resolves this problem by introducing a new annotation processor, which will index all annotations at build time. It generates a class containing all the data that would be expensive to get at run time. Build-time indexing makes EventBus 3 the fastest EventBus ever.

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